Flavoured Tea

One of the most prized and amazing characteristics of tea is the dizzying array of natural flavors and aromas that can be coaxed from this single leaf by variations in climate, geography and processing. There is nothing unnatural about adding the sweet fragrance of a jasmine blossom to the cup - or any other herb fruit or spice for that matter.

A tea can be flavored through the addition of inclusions, by being coated in extracts, or by being scented. Often more than one method is used. Most inclusions alter the flavor or aroma of the cup in some ways, but are not strong enough to deliver the punch we're looking for. Most "flavored" teas, are flavored with Natural Identical flavoring agents. The total amount of agent applied depends on the flavor and desired strength, but usually falls between 0.5% and 5% of the weight of the tea being flavored.

Fruit Bouquet


Green Tea


Kashmir Kahwa Tea


Mango & Cranberry Tea


Moroccan Mint Tea


Peach Tea


Rose Delight Tea


Seventh Heaven Tea