Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

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Under the present corporate legal framework CSR may have assumed special significance owing to certain obligations insisted by the authorities. The new corporate compulsions to large corporate stipulate a predetermined fund allocation from the management for CSR work. But in AMBO reaching out to underserved is in the company DNA.

Thus, CSR had always been a program directly under management control. It may not be a legal compulsion but AMBO periodically takes up CSR programs that are bit differently placed than the usual corporate CSR activities. Active participation in community festival, celebration of national festival in grand style, facilitation of successful students of the locality,

Sponsoring sports activities, distribution of biscuits and snacks among school students during the school sports, books to poor students are some of the standard examples of CSR activities undertaken by AMBO.

In future, management of AMBO plans to create a structured CSR plan covering certain community development work like sponsoring of free coaching class in low income area schools during pre-exam phase by experienced teachers, income generating vocational training programs for ladies in slum areas, setting up of free music-dance and drawing schools in low income areas, free cooking classes for middle class families and sponsoring variety entertainment programs in selected areas. This is an ever expanding area and this page will cover salient features of the CSR activities undertaken by AMBO.